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Why choose alfa money?

Why choose alfa money?

Our years of experience in the management of insurance products and the implementation of the most advantageous solutions based on the needs and particularities of each and every one of our fellow human beings, allow the alfa money insurance agency to be next to each of our clients, because your needs change and vary both in Greece and abroad.

We at the alfa money insurance agency can thus foresee any possible difficulties, and deal with existing ones, always with the correct planning. In damage management, we at alfa money respond rapidly with professionalism in order to achieve the best possible solution for our client, always with discretion and tact.

What we at alfa money offer

• We ensure the viability of professionals, in the event of errors or omissions of actions on their part
• We specialize in Professional Civil Liability Insurance for Accountants/Lawyers/Contractors/Engineers
• We ensure growth in companies’ turnovers while minimizing their corresponding liabilities
• We offer coverage to businesses and their executives for errors and omissions on their part
• Financial Studies
• Bank Lending Studies
• Planning for the pre-emption of unforeseen situations
• Collateralization of loan commitments
• We contribute to the proper function of Ltds and General Partnerships, and the safeguarding of partners and beneficiaries
• Studies and programs for safeguarding of children

• We produce inheritance easements
• Automobile Insurance
• Roadside and travel assistance
• Property – home coverage
• Life and employability insurance
• We offer comprehensive programming for Retirement – Savings
• Recreational craft insurance
• Health – Accident insurance
• Insurance for transportation of goods and products
• Consulting business services for insurance coverage