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Transport your business’s merchandise safely

Transport insurance

alfa money gives you the opportunity to secure your cargo (imports-exports-local transfers) from natural disasters or losses, with the transport insurance program. In case of risk materialization, alfa money secures you by restoring the enterprise to its original economical state.

Specifically, you have the opportunity to insure your cargo (regardless their type: bulk liquid or solid, special or general cargo) which is distributed by any valid transport (truck-car, ship, airplane, post, courier or a combination of the previous) from natural disasters or losses.

Who we serve:

Businesses looking to insure their transported merchandise (imports – exports – internal movement) against physical damage or loss


-Extensive experience in liability underwriting
-Specialized management of claims – with delicacy and tact regarding your commercial relations
-desire to construct long-term relationships based on mutual trust with our clients
-Extensive experience in Cash Loss Insurance
-Worldwide leading position in the General Securities market


-Imports from various countries to Greece
-Exports from Greece to various countries
-International shipping not including Greece as a destination (Note that there must be a party with legitimate interest in Greece)
-Internal shipping (to various locations throughout Greece)
-Coverage is in accordance with the provisions of the Institute of English Insurers (Institute Cargo Clauses [A], [B], [C]).