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Your pension is in safe hands

Savings accounts for your children’s studies

A child’s studies are one of the most significant life investments. Not only are they effective, they also lay the foundation for a better life. Education costs can be particularly expensive if we consider the cost of tuition, board, allowances, books, equipment, home rental, transportation etc.
The final cost also depends on many factors, such as the city or country of choice, the cost of tuition or lack thereof, the quality of the university, the field of study, training periods etc.
On average, tuition for a post-graduate program in the U.K. costs roughly 10.000€ per year, while the cost of living in general (outside of London), not counting tuition, amounts to, on average, 12.056€ per year, according to a recent HSBC survey. Systematic savings for the funding of a child’s future studies ensure that their heavy financial burden can be faced with greater ease tomorrow, while also providing your child with a crucial instrument for achieving success later in their life.

Old-age Savings

Throughout the developed world, population ageing and low birth rates threaten our systems of social security. The new insurance law (L.4387/2016) has set the national pension rate at 384€ per month! This amount increases depending on years of contribution, but it is abundantly clear that the final pension sum cannot in any way compare to an active employee’s salary. It is thus impossible for most Greeks to maintain the same quality of life they enjoyed before retirement.

That is why, starting from today, we must

-Plan the creation of an additional fund for the coming years through a systematic savings program.
-Attend, while enriching our retirement portfolio with insurance coverage, to the safeguarding of income flows in the case of an unforeseen event in our lives.
In this way, we can maintain financial independence and quality of life during our old age, while not constituting a burden on our loved ones and our children.