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Protect your company’s reputation from faulty or contaminated products

Product Liability Insurance

alfa money insurance agency offers Product Liability Insurance, because the market circulation of contaminated or faulty products which could endanger consumer health and safety, are a very real threat for all companies at every stage in the production-consumption chain.

This is especially true in regard to the reputation of a brand name and the consequent danger of cancellation of sales contracts and reduction in a business’s market share.

Dangers such as:

• Accidental contamination or damage to insured products which occurs during production, processing, packaging, including inaccurate information on the product’s label.
• Intentional contamination or interference to insured products
• Threats to contaminate or interfere with insured products
• Recalls by the competent authority

Who we serve:

The product liability insurance applies to any liable parties, according to law 2251/94. These are:
• Producers of finished products, components or raw materials.
• Persons appearing as producers of a product, affixing to it their name, trademark or other signifying feature.
• Importers of products for sale, financial – simple leasing or other forms of distribution, within the framework of their commercial activities.
• Suppliers of products (with activities pertaining to retail, leasing, loaning etc.)
• Service providers
• Distributors, e.g. those responsible for the circulation of products in the market.