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Safeguard your union or association with a better group insurance

Group Insurance

Unique Corporate & personal Insurance Programs

Group Insurance is a distinct branch of Insurance, different both from social and personal security. Its objective is to form a protective shield around the individual, safeguarding them from random events and offering a feeling of security.

It is of particular importance for individuals as it fills in the gaps of social security and extends protection to fields where government social policy organizations do not provide coverage.

Group Insurance is relevant for:

• Associations
• Societies
• Unions
• Etc.

Coverage provided by Group Insurance contracts

• Life Insurance (any and all loss of life)
• Insurance for Permanent or Temporary disability incurred from illness
• Accidental Death Insurance
• Insurance for Permanent or Temporary disability caused by accident
• Accident Insurance
• Insurance for Temporary disability due to accident or illness
• Hospitalization subsidy
• Broad hospitalization treatment
• Outpatient treatment
• Coverage of medical costs due to accidents
• Maternity subsidy
• Surgical subsidy
• Debilitating disease subsidy
• Savings/Pension plans

Benefits of Group Insurance with alfa money

• It is a strong incentive and fosters connections between employers and employed
• It is an attractive feature of your business for noteworthy personnel
• It allows the insured to deal with labor market competition
• It increases productivity and rewards your employees
• Group insurance premiums are significantly lower than those of personal programs
• It contributes to the social profile of your business
• It contributes to the swifter tackling of accidents or illness
• It provides coverage in the event that the family of a deceased or permanently disabled employee requires aid with the continuation of their salary, should social security be deemed insufficient
• It is flexible and can be adapted to the needs and capabilities of your business
• It can offer wider coverage – benefits to certain categories of employee, such as executives and managers

Premiums are deducted from the gross expenses of the company for each employee (art. 5 par. 4 law 3091/2002)

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