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Enterprise Risk Management

Alfamoney, with the experience of hundreds of clients, using the specialized PRA study (Probabilistic Risk Assessment) and approaching risks with the ALARP method, achieves the following for your business: Identifies, Evaluates, Prioritizes, and Quantifies its risks, according to ISO 31000 standard.

Subsequently, we will design risk mitigation plans for the percentage of risk that the business, organization, or individual cannot address

Business Risk Management Architect:

  • Identification & assessment of risks (Risk Assessment)
    Scientific diagnosis of risks & emerging risks threatening the organization, in accordance with ISO 31000 standard.
  • Prioritization of risks (Risk Ranking)
    Ranking of risks from the most significant to the least significant, so that the organization’s management can objectively understand which risks would affect the financial aspects of the organization more or less. Which risks are the most important for the organization.
  • Quantification of risks
    What would be the magnitude of the damage from the occurrence of each risk and its impact on the organization.
  • Risk Profiling
    Risk profiling regarding both the organization’s capability to handle a potential loss and the possibility that the loss would affect the achievement of its strategic objectives.
  • Risk Treatment
    Selection and implementation of means to reduce risk and development of handling plans for those risks that would be impossible to address or would affect the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Monitoring & Update of the Plan
    In every change of the risk environment, adaptation of the plan according to the economic situation, changes in legislation, and the organization’s development phase.
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