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Automobile insurance

In the course of the past few decades, the automobile has entered our everyday life and is now an integral part of our way of living. It is considered a useful and facilitating tool.

Insuring your automobile is no longer mandatory according to the laws of the state, however it is a necessary condition in securing your peace of mind and your personal financial independence. An automobile accident could potentially be the source of massive financial problems, both for you and for your fellow motorist, who suffers the consequences of an accident.

Do not, therefore, view your automobile insurance as merely another expense. It is enough to consider all the uninsured vehicles being operated every day on the roads of Greece. Consider the difficulties which arise when we are involved in a collision with an uninsured vehicle.

There is a solution; coverage of a collision with an uninsured vehicle is standard fare at all Insurance Firms.


Who we serve:

• owners of private cars, trucks and public-use trucks
• Businesses which own private cars, trucks and public-use trucks
• Car leasing companies