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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides the travel assistance you need on every trip, both within Greece and abroad.

It confers travel coverage for various common unforeseen events, such as flight delays, baggage and document loss or the cancellation of a planned trip. Furthermore, it ensures legal coverage in any event necessary.

Also, travel insurance offers you valuable support and aid should you need to effectively deal with circumstances such as an urgent medical issue, 24/7, all over the world. On every trip you take, with any means of transport, travel insurance will fully deal with any and every emergency that might occur, on your behalf.


Who we service:

Vehicle Rental Insurance

The renting of a vehicle in most cases means that you will be driving a car or motorcycle with which you are not accustomed, in areas you’ve never been before, possibly on narrow country roads with road signs in a foreign language. Parking can prove a challenge, as can the adjustment to foreign driving norms.
If, in the event of an accident, the vehicle you’ve rented suffers damage, our vehicle rental insurance will cover the cost of that damage, excepting an amount known as an exemption, which you will be called upon to pay. This can, in many cases, wreck your budget as it often costs more than the total amount you’ve paid in order to rent the vehicle.
Such an event can ruin your vacation and make you wish you had paid the few extra euros for coverage when you rented the car.

Leisure trips

Enjoy your vacation and relax, knowing that you have the full support of alfa money. Safeguard your trip from unforeseen events and remain calm, because we will be by your side wherever you might be.

Business trips

If your occupation requires frequent travel, we have the solution for you.
We offer you a choice between two annual programs, Globy Annual Business and Globy Annual Business Plus, so you can travel carefree for an entire year (business trips must not exceed 30 days each)
All your business trips will be insured by Mondial Assistance.
Focus on your work, and leave the rest to us!!!
Our new and improved packages also cover civil liabilities to third parties as well as legal aid.

Student Travel Insurance

Student travel insurance allows both you and your family to rest easy, because we offer you a package full of coverage choices should something unforeseen happen in the course of your studies away from home.

Our program covers loss of luggage as well as delays or incurred damages, loss of travel documents, and also medical care or legal aid.

The main feature of our program, however, is that, no matter how far away you are from your home while studying, it helps you reunite with your family in times of need by covering travel costs:

• Incurred by your family in the case of illness or an accident requiring hospitalization on your part.
• Incurred by you if you need to return home to help and support your family in the case of damage sustained by your house or hospitalization of one of your loved ones.