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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Common questions regarding alfa money liability

What does alfa money liability cover?

alfa money liability covers all errors, actions, fines and omissions your accounting office might make in the course of your services against third parties (your clients).

Is there anything not covered?

alfa money liability does not cover errors, actions, fines and omissions not sustained by your clients.

What is an exemption?

An exemption is your share of the damages. For example, at alfa money liability we offer you an exemption of 100.00€. Therefore, an error which costs 600.00€ will set you back 100.00€, while the remaining amount of 500.00€ will be covered by your contract.


What does the term, “retroactive effect”, mean?

We offer you the option for your contract to take effect at a date earlier than that of inception, thus offering your accounting office coverage for errors, actions, fines or omissions which aren’t already known.

How does the indemnity process work?

You need to get in touch with alfa money, where our experienced employees can help you complete your portfolio. In each and every one of the hundreds of cases we’ve had at alfa money, the alfa money liability indemnities have been granted by settlement (After the lodging of claims by the accountant).

What does alfa money liability cover if my client chooses to take legal action against me?

All legal costs/ legal defenses are covered, and if the court rules that you are liable, we also cover the indemnity in full (errors, actions, fines, omissions, non-material damages etc.)

Will I see my insurance premiums rise?

Will I see my insurance premiums rise?


In short, alfa money stands out thanks to our:

Extensive experience in the management of insurance liabilities

Discretion, tact and confidentiality in the management of liabilities

Extensive experience in Professional Liability Insurance