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Presentation of Alfa Money Liability in Athens.

The alfa money liability insurance program, which outlines the accountant professional liability insurance contract, was presented at the Novotel hotel in Athens to representatives of 570 accounting offices on April 6th 2017. The conference room was jam-packed and those invited showed great interest in alfa money liability. We would like to extend our warmest thanks […]

Presentation of the Alfa Money Liability contract for accountants in Larissa Recalculation of pensions: E.F.K.A. clarifications regarding retirees’ applications, Alfa Money.

Recalculation of Pensions: Clarifications from EFKA regarding Retirees’ Applications Applications of retirees regarding the issuance of administrative decisions for the recalculation of pensions carried out according to the provisions of Law 4387/2016. In response to the applications submitted by retirees to EFKA services, requesting the issuance of an executive administrative act (director’s decision) regarding the […]

The Law for Fresh & Local Products and the Issues in its Implementation, alfa money.

“THE LAW FOR FRESH & PERISHABLE PRODUCTS & THE ISSUES IN ITS IMPLEMENTATION” There is much debate surrounding fresh and perishable products, which has not been justified in any case so far. Law 4587/18, “Urgent Regulations of the Ministry of Migration Policy and other provisions,” amended Law 4492/17 in a emphatic manner, stating that as […]

Real examples of compensations to professional accountants from alfa money!

Real examples of compensations to professional accountants from alfa money! Alfa Money has demonstrated concretely that it stands by its partners, keeping its promises and supporting them in difficult times with immediate financial compensations. Our best advertisement is the examples of satisfied clients who trusted us, and we reciprocated their trust in the best possible […]