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Case Study #4 resulted in a compensation of €25,610.07, due to the non-performance of advertising fees for our client.

Case Study #4 – Compensation Result: €25,610.07 from Non-Payment of Advertising Fees for Our Client

Location: Ioannina

Accounting Office K.K.

Case: “With the abolition of Law 2238/94, we mistakenly assumed that the obligation to pay advertising fees for our client had ceased, which we duly paid. Consequently, we had to avoid incurring an expense of €36,594.70 for the year 2014 and an expense of €30,214.44 for the year 2015. As a result, my client was called to pay additional taxes, surcharges, and fines for each year. The amount for 2014 was €14,522.19 and for 2015 was €11,087.88.”
Result: Claim for €25,610.07. Fully compensated.

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