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Case Study #3 from real cases of VAT credit refund by Alfa Money amounted to €20,067.

Case Study #3 from Real Cases of VAT Credit Refund by Alfa Money: €20,067.96

Alfa Money is always there for its clients and supports them in any challenging situation that may arise. Thus, we present real cases that happened, and our clients were compensated.
Location: Kozani

Accounting Office A.P.

Case: “My client submitted a request for a VAT credit refund due to an investment plan. On this occasion, the tax authority conducted an audit and found that certified inventory statements, which should have accompanied the VAT transfer statement, had not been submitted. This resulted in the rejection of the VAT refund, amounting to €14,806.54, and the imposition of surcharges of €5,261.42.”

Result: Claim for €20,067.96. Fully compensated.

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