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Company profile

lfa money is a provider of high-quality services in the fields of insurance and financial insurance packages, serving both individuals and businesses. We specialize in accountants’ and accounting firms’ Professional Liability Insurance.

On behalf of our clients, we undertake thorough research of the insurance market in order to discover, examine and recommend the best possible terms for coverage of their insurance needs. We design comprehensive solutions, achieving the greatest possible value for money.

The company was founded in 2004 by Christos Gennaiopoulos, who has many years of experience in insurance, and specializes in the field of accountants’ and other professionals’ Professional Liability Insurance.

alfa money’s main offices in Athens are staffed by experienced personnel. Our extensive network of Partners both throughout Greece and Abroad, along with the technical expertise and many years of experience and specialization of alfa money’s insurance advisors, are only a few of our company’s many advantages.

In short, alfa money stands out thanks to our:

Extensive experience in the management of insurance liabilities

Discretion, tact and confidentiality in the management of liabilities

Extensive experience in Professional Liability Insurance